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Swoon, Nina Malkin

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Sinclair Youngblood Powers

Welcome, dear reader, to our story. It’s the tale of the lovely Dice Moskow and the also lovely Pen Leonard—yet, truly, for the large part, it’s about me.

Sinclair Youngblood Powers.

Call me Sin.

For it is I who was unjustly condemned to death in the town of Swoon, Connecticut, in the year of Our Lord 1769. It is I who swore vengeance upon the place, and I who returns to latter-day Swoon, slipping without sanction into the unsuspecting vessel of Pen’s body, possessing her, using her as an instrument of retribution. And it is I who inveigles Dice to free me from that vessel, make me flesh once more, infuse me with great vigor and determination and…


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