lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Stolen, Lucy Christopher

Gemma was a typical British city girl on vacation with her parents when her life was stolen away from her. One moment she was in line at the airport ordering a coffee and the next she had been drugged and whisked away to the Australian outback by an oddly familiar stranger.

Her captor, Ty, is charming and attractive and not at all like the terrifying kidnapper you would imagine. The barren landscape of the desert is a stark contrast to the city life Gemma is used to and more than once she tries to escape with no success. She learns that Ty is not really a stranger at all and has been watching her for years. She begins to remember him and is frightened to find herself having feelings for him.

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  1. Según mi opinión, es la típica historia de la presa que se enamora de su captor, aunque tiene que etar bien....Es solo en ingles???


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